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Solar Farms

Sunny State Solar Solutions business goal is to deliver reliable, high quality, cost-effective, efficient, scalable, and environmentally sound energy solutions in the forms of solar and wind turbine farms, to a global marketplace through solar technology advancements.


Planned Economic Development Communities

Creating energy efficient housing and community solutions using innovations in solar and wind technologies.  Communities are developed in economic development zones with the focus on empowering people through education, employment, and lifestyle opportunities.


To provide training opportunities in the growing solar and energy industries, providing opportunities for self-sustainability and enhanced lifestyles.

What our clients say

“Unlike the other solar company that didn’t come, this company is capitalizing on the president’s renewable energy initiative.”

Charlie Fulton Mayor, Lane, SC

“CETS Waste to Energy, Inc., Prosper Initiative Strategic Alliance, LLC (PISA), and Sunny State Solar Solutions Inc. (S4) is driven to inform, educate, and inspire sustainable clean-tech infrastructure solutions for humanity and socioeconomic developments in under served markets(Urban & Rural).”

David Dungy Managing Director at Omega Seven Investments & Capital


About us

Sunny State Solar Solutions  business goal is to deliver reliable, high quality, cost-effective, efficient, scalable, and environmentally sound energy solutions to a global marketplace through solar technology advancements, private and public funds.
Sunny State Solar Solutions (S4) believes the energy marketplace represents the next frontier for American global leadership with the current Administration calling for new solutions and seeking funding programs – specifically supporting solar energy that will drive our energy leadership both here and abroad. By partnering with utility companies,  local, State, and Federal governments, research institutions, and private firms, Sunny State Solar Solutions aims to make solar energy more accessible, affordable, and transparent to governments, businesses and consumers.  S4 believes it is within reach to advance new energy solutions that will help drive down the cost of powering higher standards of living worldwide.
Sunny State Solar Solutions is focusing on a four-pillar strategy to support the team vision of creating an alternative energy that helps preserve our planet’s resources and improve our environment. These four pillars include:   a) Development of cost effective, high efficient solar power systems that takes advantage of present technology; b) Creation of new solar cells and overall technology that gives us the efficiencies needed, statistically appealing and cost effective systems that reduces our spending on electrical energy, accomplished utilizing grants from governmental and private sources; c) Global reach though philanthropy to provide solar power systems to countries that are in desperate need for power for refrigeration, water extraction and purification; d) Reduction in overall energy needs by influencing the future electronics appliances and systems through green designs.

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