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  • Sunrun visit - signed a NEM agreement - bad? July 25, 2021
    Sunrun came out to do their pitch today. We have very high electric bills ($800 in the summer - old house, old A/C) and a lot of electronics (I have servers for work), and I made the mistake of giving them that figure first. Now I realize they probably just give a price that equates […]
  • Found out roof is not viable for solar, info on other options? July 25, 2021
    We recently had a solar installer come out to see what we could do for solar and found that a rooftop system just won't work out -- we have a metal tile that's going to make installation prohibitively expensive and most of the roof is shaded by several large trees that we don't intend to […]
  • Mc4 branch connector to solar charge controller question. July 25, 2021
    Im following along with Will's 400 watt system with alernator charging. Link and he mentions that the branch connector is rated for 30 amps but the mc4 cinnectors are not. However at the end of the branch connector he recomends theres an mc4 connector. Should i just cut the mc4 off and connect it to […]
  • Travel Trailer Solar July 25, 2021
    In the next year, I'm going to be buying a travel trailer. While this is not the exact model I'm likely to get, the RV will almost certainly be of similar dimensions. (A couples trailer capable of being towed behind a f250 or similar.) When I get one, I'm going to want to add […]
  • QUESTION??? I have off 800 sq ft off grid cabin in Missouri wilderness July 25, 2021
    I would like to operate a well pump and a full house worth of appliances (ac,fridge,microwave,lights,tv etc) is this possible and what batteries would be the best submitted by /u/Graniteguy3cm [link] [comments]
  • Please judge my RV solar design - what did I mess up? July 25, 2021
    submitted by /u/ElectroTypeJ [link] [comments]
  • Will using less watts than a generator/ battery is capable of be bad for the battery life? July 24, 2021
    I’m new to this so correct any thing that I’m wrong about. I’m starting by comparing the things I want in a generator. Total storage, how many panels it can take/charge volume it can take in, pass through use/ using while solar charging. Let’s say that I will mostly be using 250 watts is there […]
  • New owner of existing owned grid-tie residential system, advice needed! July 24, 2021
    Looking for some help in understanding my new (to me) solar system. My wife and I just purchased a house (PA) which has an existing (fully paid-off, we own it all) grid-tie solar system, and I know virtually nothing about residential solar. The only information we have about the system is from the permits that […]
  • Looking for the right power station July 24, 2021
    Im looking into a set up that involved a solar panel and a power station. Can anyone help me out here? I would love to hear some advices, and please dont recommend me anything portable please, i want the full set up with the power station having alot of power. I cant say how much […]
  • Question regarding specification of charge controller July 24, 2021
    I am working on spec'ing a charge controller for a 12V system running off two 405W LG panels and I have a few questions: When calculating the output current for the charge controller, should I used STC conditions from the panel data sheet or NMOT? Using STC results in roughly 9.7A in at 115V and […]

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