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  • SolarEdge API - CORS error October 20, 2021
    Hi, I I'm trying to create a web app to display some information from the SolarEdge API. It works when I use a proxy in development, but when I upload it to a server I just get a CORS error. I can't see anywhere on SolarEdge where I can add the domain to a whitelist […]
  • soft start for Air conditioner with solar battery backup October 20, 2021
    Investigating adding a battery backup to my solar setup (13.3 kW microinverter grid tied, houston, TX). One of the things I came across is the need for a soft start module to be installed for HVACs. If these soft start devices do significantly reduce the peak amperage demand from the air conditioner- why aren't they […]
  • Does Tesla Solar Offer The Best Price? October 20, 2021
    I received an offer from Tesla Solar for $148/mo for a 8.5kw solar system with no batteries. The total price is only $7400 after federal, state, and city tax credits. That is very affordable. Will other installers have similar prices or will they be more expensive? Should I go for it? A common complaint I've […]
  • Community solar expansion in Michigan would contribute nearly $1.5 billion to the state‚Äôs economy over the next three decades, according to a study released by Michigan State University October 20, 2021
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  • Installing solar while building home October 19, 2021
    I'm getting a house built soon and I'm interested in getting solar installed as part of the build rather than retrofitting it to the roof. Does anyone have any tips for this? I have several questions, but any tips anyone has are appreciated. Can I get the price of the solar installation rolled into the […]
  • Reading SMA Modbus October 19, 2021
    Hello, I have some SMA Sunny Island 8.0H-11 inverters and I am trying to read some info drom Modbus TCP. I found an excel sheet on their website with the registers, but some are ENUM format and I can't find what each code means. I have found that on the modbus registers sheet for the […]

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