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  • Solar generator October 1, 2022
    I live in SWFL so currently suffering heavily from hurricane Ian which has me planning for next year. I installed solar panels on my house last summer but do not have a generator or any backup, I’m expecting to be out of power another week or two, this has be thinking, how can I prepare […]
  • Does anyone have experience with pylontech US3000c batteries? October 1, 2022
    Hi, I live in the UK and I had an install today after sitting with unused panels for a few weeks due to delays. It's all up and running and I have been off grid for a little while except for the odd few minutes. I have had two Pylontech US300c batteries installed, and they […]
  • How to choose cheap October 1, 2022
    Hello, I am a very newbie in Solar and electricity stuff so if you want eat me with your comment then I am open. 😅 Joke aside I am really newbie and I could not choose which solar panel and battery I should use. I can’t connect solar panel system to my house electricity system […]
  • Why would my panel be incompatible with solar? October 1, 2022
    They are telling me that they need to add a larger panel or a sub panel for my solar system. Is this just cause I’m out of circuits? Or is there a mechanical reason some panels don’t work? submitted by /u/ontheleftcoast [link] [comments]
  • Need Help with Solar Proposals October 1, 2022
    submitted by /u/Chris3k2 [link] [comments]
  • Bought a home with solar panels. Now what? October 1, 2022
    There was a lease. We negotiated a buyout. The lease company was pretty shady so we definitely didn’t want to assume the lease agreement. We now own solar panels. What now? How do I know if my panels have a back up battery? How do I see what they are generating? How do I know […]

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