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  • Newbie to solar May 29, 2023
    Hi all, We recently installed geothermal in our new old home in Connecticut and are now moving on to researching Solar. Ideally we would have then installed sooner than later while the 30% Tax credit is still in place. The abundance of paid for reviews online is mind boggling. I don't know too much about […]
  • 10 months in still not oppositional May 29, 2023
    Been dealing with adt solar for 10 months. Physical install was in January. The system was supposed to be commissioned in February. It has never worked. Many techs have looked at it. Ee passed inspection and got pto. Tried to turn it on and of course it dosnt work. There was no communication between the […]
  • NY Westchester County - Quotes for Solar + Business Case May 29, 2023
    I am paying an average of $290 per month for electricity. ConEd rates for Westchester County have increased from $0.22 per kWh in 2020 to $0.29 per kWh in 2023. I consumed 12,096kWh in the year ending April 2023. I've received quotes from two local companies (Enphase Platinum Partner and Sunpower Affiliate) and two national […]
  • What underlayment is good ? Asphalt or synthetic ? May 29, 2023
    Installing solar and before doing wanted to replace the underlayment. Roof guys came today and they said they are going to use asphalt paper and he thinks they last longer. I have no idea about roofs. Just saw my neighbor used some blue paper while doing his and learnt that is the synthetic one. I […]
  • Bendy solar panels are just as good as regular ones May 29, 2023
    submitted by /u/veterinarysite [link] [comments]
  • I'm thinking of installing a ground-based system where the panels might not all be in the same location or orientation. Can I get some advice? May 29, 2023
    I want to install my panels on separated "walls" in the garden. Here are my criteria: they could be oriented separately between SSE and SSW (more towards the latter) some will be partially shaded some might be 30m from the station I need battery storage where I'll switch to battery if a) it's over some […]

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