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  • Battery Federal Tax Incentive Question January 21, 2021
    I hope someone here is able to clarify something for me. I have a 10.9 KW DC System (13,515 kWh yearly) solar system that was installed in 2020. I'm kicking myself for not getting a home battery storage. I'd like to install a battery this year (2021). Would this qualify for the 26% federal tax […]
  • Does anyone know a trick for getting a response from sunpower? January 21, 2021
    Ive tried guessing ceo email, left voicemails, called customer service, contacted every name there ive ever worked with, even went to BBB and their social media site. The tldr is they sat on my pto for 3 months, sent me an email that its up (it isnt) and have basically ghosted me since. The farthest […]
  • PowMr not turning back on output connection January 21, 2021
    I have a PowMr 60 amp mppt device that has attached to the dc output a light. No sun for a few days and since the battery went below the predefined threshold, the mppt disconnected it. Now the battery is charging and the voltage is higher than the threshold but the load is not on […]
  • Houston will soon be home to the largest urban solar farm in the country January 21, 2021
    submitted by /u/DocBeech [link] [comments]
  • Battery backup with Enphase January 21, 2021
    Good day everyone, I am trying to figure out how to calculate the load for my ‘essential loads’ sub panel. I’ve created a spreadsheet with these figures- Fridge - 300 Watts x 24 Hours = 7200 Wh Lights. -50 Watts x 6 Hours = 300 Wh WiFi Router -15 Watts x 24 = 360 Wh […]
  • Recently Complete NON-Tesla Solar Install. AMA! January 21, 2021
    ​ System Note: I am not anti-Tesla for solar, but I got better tech, way more customized, and such things as non-exposed conduit for not a whole lot more from a local company. The title is so people can home in on the NON Tesla part because a lot of posts are just that. $2.07 […]

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