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  • Roof mounted snow removal (another revisit) February 4, 2023
    I've read a number of posts on here already that mostly boil down to: don't worry about/don't do it. Reasons being possible damage to panels, winter output is low so the extra power generation isn't much anyway, etc. My context: Michigan area with a low incline roof. 15.84KW system. I'd like to challenge the "winter […]
  • Why is a smaller system more expensive than larger system? February 4, 2023
    Recently got a quote for a 13 panel system and we were curious about a smaller 10 panel system. Somehow that made the quote $5000 more? Our first quote was for a system that would generate ~800 kw per day. The second for the smaller system would be for producing ~600 kw per day. With […]
  • Tesla vs Enphase app differences February 4, 2023
    Hi everyone - I have always noticed slight differences (~1.5 kWh) in energy production between my Enphase monitoring app and my Tesla app. However, a few days ago I noticed a material difference of over 10 kWh. See screenshots attached. The weird thing in the Tesla app is it is basically the same graph / […]
  • SolarEdge Inverter - Optimizers not paired? February 4, 2023
    Recently installed SolarEdge Inverter + 14 optimizers (model SE5000H-RW000BNN4) My installer remotely commissioned it on Tuesday, however I see in the "running operations" section of monitoring that "Operation: Pair" is 0% complete for 5 days now. How can I validate if pairing is complete? Can I stop/restart pairing? The panels are generating with my […]
  • Consumption not matching utility? February 4, 2023
    Finally got my solar installed this week! I don’t have PTO yet so my panels are shut off but I can still see my consumption in the Enphase app. Yesterday was my first full day of consumption reporting and the app shows I consumed 10.6kWh whereas SDGE says I consumed 15kWh. Is this much of […]
  • R&R Costs February 4, 2023
    I've got a 22 yr old concrete tile roof, and the installers I've spoken to seem to be very okay to work with it (for an additional cost based on watt's (7c/watt) which is a funny way to calculate it). It's rated for 50 years, so it would be ideal and possibly more cost effective […]
  • Revolutionary Swiss Startup Transforms Railway Tracks into Energy Producers February 4, 2023
    submitted by /u/National-Evidence-66 [link] [comments]
  • SunPower Response Time to Email Support Request? February 4, 2023
    Has anyone contacted Sunpower via email regarding technical support? How long did you have to wait? Mines a relatively minor issue --- failed LCD display. I received the "usual" corporate reply: Thank you for your email. We are experiencing high volumes of email queries from our customers. We would love to speak with you as […]
  • Update to PTO. Finally found the hold up! February 4, 2023
    So I posted a few weeks ago asking about PTO and eversource here in CT. It had been well over 2 months since passing town inspection and no dice on meters. So my installer and I have been reaching out to eversource to find out what the issue is. Well on 2/3 I got my […]
  • If I am starting the solar process today, can I still make NEM 2.0? February 4, 2023
    Question in title. I am located in orange county so my utility is Socal Edison and am planning to go with Tesla. Thanks in advance. submitted by /u/poop_at_work [link] [comments]

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