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  • Choice of Microinverter with REC Alpha Pure panel September 20, 2021
    Hi all, Been looking at a solar installation with the REC Alpha Pure 400W panels. I've received two proposals from different installers with different Microinverter selections and I'm trying to figure out if one is even valid. One proposal is using the IQ7+ micro (295VA) and the other is using the IQ7A micro (366VA). From […]
  • Help recommending selecting an inverter. Already installed solar panels for home September 20, 2021
    So I've installed a 12 panel array (3kw and the voltage is about 383 when i checked) There is room to add another 3kw maybe next year. I was looking at a grid tie system like Growatts MIN series specifically the XH in hopes that I could attach a battery backup down the line. Unfortunately […]
  • Solar & Loose Utility Neutral September 20, 2021
    I'm reaching my upper limit of my understanding of the intricacies of residential electric and how it interacts with my existing solar system. Link to an earlier post here with the basics of my system: https://www.reddit.com/r/solar/comments/oqx2vr/new_owner_of_existing_owned_gridtie_residential/. Cutting to the chase - I know I have a loose neutral somewhere, either on the utility side or […]
  • Recommended installers (east of) Toronto September 20, 2021
    Hey folks. I have 1 quote so far from New Dawn in Toronto. I picked them from an internet search. Looking for other suggested installers in the GTA to get some numbers from. First quote is $45k for 18kWh which is a little large in my mind. But there is not enough detail to know […]
  • Switch to Batteries September 20, 2021
    Hi. I installed some LG Sonar Panels last year. I'm using a Sunny Boy 2.5 as inverter. Now I'm considering adding some LG batteries to the system. I knew I needed a Sunny Home Manager to dynamically tap out into the grid when needed and control which power the house is using. But now someone […]
  • How much would a solar system cost to produce this amount of energy in SoCal/Los Angeles? September 20, 2021
    submitted by /u/yellowgolfball [link] [comments]

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