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  • Incorrect system size. Recommendation on negotiations June 27, 2022
    We got solar last year and the company incorrectly assessed usage. We've started negotiations with them to increase the size of our system. I'm curious what sort of recommendations you all have for this process? I'm thinking they should eat some of the costs associated such as the permitting and any design work as well […]
  • Calculating Price per kWh June 27, 2022
    What is the actual method for calculating this? I have an out of pocket cost of 35k, system size 11.3, 16,725 annual. Thoughts on if this is a good deal. submitted by /u/Kingtopawn [link] [comments]
  • Unbound Solar Not Providing Per Item Cost on Quotes June 27, 2022
    I requested a quote from Unbound Solar for a 10.3kW system and they sent me a total package price for a 9.6kW system. I emailed them back and requested a per item breakdown and this is what the individual said: "As a company we do not itemize our quotes and this is a process put […]
  • Rooftop Vs Ground Mounting June 27, 2022
    I live in southwest Louisiana about an hour from the coast. I really don’t like the idea of rooftop solar due to having to remove/replace the panels when changing out the roof. I have 5 acres of land and think ground mounting would be both better for my roof as well as the ease or […]
  • Quote from Sunpower, please take a look and let me know if it is reasonable. June 27, 2022
    submitted by /u/ifornia [link] [comments]
  • How does system size work? June 27, 2022
    My contract says that I should have a 13.14kw Generac Whole Home system with two inverters. I receive my AEP approval letter that says we have a 7.68kw system. The installer is telling me that the 13.14kw on my contract is my DC output and the 7.68kw on AEPs letter is my AC output. This […]

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