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  • 6.0 KW production but why only 1.5KWH PRODUCE??? January 28, 2022
    submitted by /u/Born_Oil_4397 [link] [comments]
  • Will prices come down when the tax credits expire? January 28, 2022
    I was thinking about the future of solar and was wondering what everyones crystal ball is telling them about the next few years of solar pricing. I already have solar installed and will get my 26% tax credit, I'm just curious what others think. Are current solar prices inflated due to the credit? I am […]
  • Emissions from aluminum production are bad news for solar energy January 28, 2022
    submitted by /u/captainquirk [link] [comments]
  • Solar Directory January 28, 2022
    We launched a new Solar Directory https://dir.list.solar submitted by /u/serhii177 [link] [comments]
  • Solar in NYC January 28, 2022
    Debating between these two different companies for solar in NYC. What do you think? Brooklyn Solar Works Number - Type of Modules 9 - LG400 Inverter SMA System size 3.6 kW Flat Roof Tilt Rack Annual Production (95% guaranteed) 4730 kWh Panel Warranty 25 Years/Includes Labor Energy Production Guarantee 10 Years at 95% Total System […]
  • Any recommendations on LA county solar companies. January 28, 2022
    So I'm looking to go solar on 2 properties I know one needs a 5.2kw system and the other is around a 4.2 I got a quote from sunrun that was 27k before tax credits on the 5.2 which I know is garbage and another for 23k also before tax credits on the 5.2 which […]

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